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This portal is dedicated to readers in Italian language. Here you will find information about all arguments related to e-mobility. We are sorry, no English version is available at the moment. 

To people looking for information in Italian language about all aspects connected to electric mobility, EVlist.it portal offers some organized links where users can find the information that they are looking for.

EVlist.it is characterized by a database that is continuously rising up with the main electric and hybrid vehicles data.

EVlist.it is addressed to these figures:

* Potential users of electric vehicles

* Current users of electronic vehicles

* Professionals and workers in this sector

* Companies in the industry

* Public administrators

* Students


EVlist.it talks about any electric vehicle that it is able to transporting at least one person in any way, as long as the machine torque is given or integrated by an electric engine.

Some examples: electric cars, electric motorcycles and scooters, electric buses and trucks, electric aircrafts and helicopters, electric bikes, electric boats and electric vehicles in general. Moreover, we manage additional related tools such as recharging systems, tax breaks and much more.


The EVlist.it strong point is the facility catalogue, continuously growing up, with the possibility of data interrogation and filtering to immediately obtain only the information you are looking for.


To the companies working in the electric mobility field and similar.


The companies interested in more visibility can even now purchase the following spaces on EVlist.it:

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If you are interested, please send us as soon as possible your firm order to AXU S.r.l attached with the text to be published and with the URL banner. We will immediately publish them on the web site.

Payments will only be required when your banner and information will be online.

 Click the following link for more info about our company AXU S.r.l. and bank data: https://www.axu.it/en/contacts-address